India Fact Sheet

  • Security & Safety
    India is one of the most secure places in the world; there are literally hundreds of foreign cast, crew and journalists working on ground smoothly any given day. India is one of the most visited tourism destination in the world.
  • Accommodation
    Almost all cities & towns have world class five star hotels, decent accommodation can also be found in smaller towns & villages.
  • Time Zone
    GMT +5:30 hours
  • Food
    You would find the food you want in most cities & towns be it continental, Chinese or Mexican we got them all, we work with some of the finest caterers.
  • Transport
    Most of India is well connected through air, rail & by road.
  • Permits & Regulations
    All non-Indians need a visa to enter India. The correct Visa type to get for shooting purposes is a 'J' Visa. Processing times varies from 48 hours on a rush to 7 working days. You will need to get permission to shoot in the country from the Ministry in Delhi, before a 'J' visa can be issued. We will guide you through the process.
  • Local Talent
    We have huge database of actors, musicians, DOPs & other talent that you would want to work with here. We will get you the one who suits your script & director’s requirement to a tee.
  • Crew
    Our crew members on an average can speak four languages & are very fluent in English & are thorough professionals.
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